Frequently Asked Questions

Customer and staff

Why should I shop at Nina's IGA?

Nina's IGA is owned and operated by people who live in your local area. By shopping with us you are helping a local business which in turn gives back to the local community in the form of the Community Chest program. Nina's IGA also offers great service and quality, and through the IGA network, competitive prices.

OK, Nina's IGA is a local supermarket, what other benefits are there?

We know our customers and our local area. Hamilton is a very multi-cultural area, and as such, our customers are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, we aim to ensure that we have a wide variety of items that suits their requirements. For example of our items, that are not found in other supermarkets, please visit our local specialities page.

What's new at Nina's IGA and what sets it apart?

Nina's IGA has recently introduced it's "Supermarket To You" program. The program allows us to do your grocery shopping for you. Interested? Then click here for more information.

What does IGA stand for?

IGA stands for the Independent Grocers of Australia.

Who owns IGA?

IGA stores are independently owned. The IGA distribution business is owned by Metcash Trading Limited, which has the rights to use the IGA name in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, West Australia and New South Wales for the wholesale distribution of goods to IGA stores.