A Brief History of IGA

The IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) was founded in the USA in 1926 and represents an alliance between wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. IGA became the vehicle for protecting and strengthening the relationship of these three players against the growth of the chain stores.

Today IGA is the world's largest voluntary supermarket network with sales of more than $22 billion (Euro dollars) annually with over 4000 independent stores in 41 different countries.

IGA was brought to Australia in 1998 by David's Holdings, when 10 stores initially became members of IGA.

The launch of IGA in NSW / ACT has proven to be one of the most successful activities that the independent grocery industry has undertaken in many years.

Customer Service

All IGA stores share a common symbol - a red oval which stands for the Independent Grocers of Australia.

When you shop at an IGA store, you are guaranteed great service, great value, deliciously fresh foods (backed by our 200% Tablefresh Guarantee) and a large variety of grocery lines, along with our great weekly specials. Every time you shop at an IGA store you are also supporting your local community.